The Bio

How’s it going?! I’m a soon-to-be first year med student.

What’s the point of this blog?

Honestly, I’m just writing this blog on a whim. There are already quite a few medical student blogs floating around on the internet, and most of them are jam-packed with good insights into the trials and tribulations of a med student. So because of this, I thought, “Maybe I should write one, too.” Soooooooooo, here we are.

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is really just to document my highs and lows during medical school, and maybe drop a few pieces of advice here and there. I’ve learned a good amount of information just reading the other med student blogs, so I’m hoping that someday a premed, fellow medical student, or maybe just a late night internet surfer, can read my blog and pick up a thing or two as well. Pay it forward, right?

If you can’t tell by the title of my blog (which I’m sure most of you actually can’t haha), I love manga and anime. As a teenager, I used to read manga here and there, and, obviously, watched DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and a bunch of other classic anime. However, I didn’t really become a full-fledged “otaku” until this past year. Pre-meds everywhere say it’s good to pick up a hobby or two during the application cycle. If you don’t, you WILL go crazy spending all of your free time stressing over the fact that schools take their sweet time with every step of the application process. My hobby of choice…that’s right…anime and manga. We’ll see how this hobby stands up to med school, but, for now, it’s an awesome way to spend your free time. Some of the greatest stories ever told.